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Stem Cell Costs

Like many men and women in California, you may be looking for a safe and effective way to reduce joint pain and resume the activities that you enjoy.

Fortunately, stem cell therapy is an innovative approach to treat joint pain caused by damaged tissue.

But before proceeding with treatment, it’s not uncommon for patients to research stem cell costs and determine if the therapy is right for them.

Continue reading to learn more about this revolutionary regenerative procedure, including how it’s performed and stem cell costs in California.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a promising technique that harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair damaged tissue and alleviate low back pain or pain in knees and other joints.

Patients often seek stem cell therapy in order to gain relief from arthritis, improve daily functioning, and enhance quality of life.

How Is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

Stem cell therapy is performed in the comfort of our office using conscious sedation administered by an anesthesiologist.

During the procedure, bone marrow, rather than fat, is harvested from the patient. This is the one of the primary ways that the FDA recommends stem cell treatment be conducted for joints and spines.

Treatment at WellMax also includes CT guided injections, dedicated on-site lab, and a cutting-edge cell counting technique.

Stem Cell Costs

Many women and men interested in this cutting-edge technology are curious about stem cell costs and if the procedure is worth it.

According to one report, stem cell clinics charge an average $700 per session for platelet treatments and up to $10,000 for fat and bone marrow treatments.

At WellMax, we provide patients with the highest quality of care that meets best practice standards.

What’s more, our stem cell costs are much lower than other clinics that do not offer the same comfort or accuracy in treatment administration.

Most stem cell procedures are considered elective and not covered by insurance. But in order to confirm individual benefits, patients should contact their carrier directly to inquire about coverage.

Learn More About Stem Cell Costs and Benefits

If you would like additional information about stem cell costs and benefits in California, please call WellMax today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Daniel Cosgrove.