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How to Find a Dementia Doctor That’s Right for You

If you’ve noticed that you’re becoming forgetful or suffering from memory loss, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a dementia doctor in California.

A dementia doctor is a specialist who can assess your memory strengths and weaknesses, screen for disease before symptoms, and detect the degree of existing cognitive decline.

Continue reading to learn how to find a dementia doctor in California that’s right for you and what you can expect from your visit.

How to Find a Dementia Doctor?

At the first signs of memory loss or cognitive decline, many women and men schedule an evaluation with their primary care physician.

During this appointment, your doctor will assess your symptoms and determine any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to memory loss.

Based on his analysis, he may refer you to a dementia doctor such as a neurologist, geriatrician, psychiatrist, or psychologist.

All of these medical professionals have specialized education, training, and experience in diagnosing and treating cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, and other types of dementia.

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment with a Dementia Doctor?

It’s important to properly prepare for your first appointment with a dementia doctor or specialist. You should bring a list of symptoms, including their onset, frequency, and any other pertinent details.

Additionally, be ready to discuss your past medical history, medications you are taking, and current health conditions.

Your dementia doctor will also inquire about your family history, especially as it pertains to memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

Questions to Ask About Memory Testing

If your dementia doctor recommends memory testing, you may wish to ask several questions about what to expect from the process, including the tests that will be performed, testing time, what each assessment involves, and when you will receive your results.

Learn More About WellMax’s Bredesen Protocol

If you would like additional information about our Bredesen Protocol – which assesses memory strengths and weaknesses, screens for disease before symptoms, and detects the degree of existing cognitive decline-please call WellMax today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Daniel Cosgrove.