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Fourth vaccine is available now! COVID Vaccine updates and why 2nd booster is encouraged.

New 4th Booster recommendation

There is a fourth Corona virus vaccine now available. It’s the same Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, but they’re now recommending a full dose of Pfizer and half dose of Moderna.? They’re not recommending J+J.? The FDA recommends that everyone over 50yo get a “booster” if it has been over four months since one’s last vaccine.? This probably means YOU!

However, I recommend not getting the vaccine if you have tested positive for the virus in the past six months. If you had an event in which you tested positive for Covid, this indicates that your body’s immune system got stimulated, so it’s? even better than a vaccine!

New variant is on its way.? This one is similar to Omicron and is very mild, but quite contagious and so the small percent of patients that get sick add up to big numbers for local hospitals there.

This new corona virus vaccine is very likely to come here, but I certainly hope it does not lead to lockdowns and masking. ?It is MILD.

There is good evidence that antibodies wane after several months after a vaccine, which is a known similar problem for several other vaccines (e.g. influenza).? Getting another vaccine will boost your antibody levels and will make you a little more resilient.

I have lots of opinions about government and school system mandates, but I will spare you all that for now. I DO believe in vaccines and their effectiveness for individuals to help prevent infection and diminish disease.? I got the fourth vaccine; I recommend that you get one too.

Testing available here in our office
Canada is no longer requiring covid tests to cross the border (April 1st), but we have the quick antigen test and the molecular test similar to PCR.? If you’re concerned about catching covid or possibly spreading the virus, you’re welcome to come get tested.

Dr. Doriana and I are still taking vitamin D and zinc (and quercetin and more) every day. This is not a mandate, of course, but we recommend them.

Daniel Cosgrove, MD