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Corona Virus Update 12/6/2021

I’ll keep this short:

1.??????There is a new variant of Covid called Omicron


2.??????Lots of information will come out in the next couple of weeks so this email may be dated soon but it’s important that you know now.


3.??????Omicron is much more transmissible, so it will take over as the dominant Covid soon: the new Delta


4.??????Omicron appears to be less severe (e.g. less lethal) than the original Covid strains.


5.??????At WellMax we have seen a big increase in positive Covid patients in the past week. None of them are seriously ill. Tests to discriminate which type of Covid are not yet available.


6.??????If you are more vulnerable* to the bad effects of catching a Covid strain, it could still be important, and you still have to be careful (again!).?(*more vulnerable people include those that have diabetes, or obesity, or be on medication for their heart, or just be older!)


7.??????Booster vaccines increase immunity and Delta is still dominant today, so GET YOUR BOOSTER. If you had one vaccine but you became ill with Covid, I don’t necessarily recommend a booster.* There are two narratives out there, but I support getting a third shot ASAP.


8.??????UNLIKE last year, we now have several good treatment options if you become sick with Covid, or even if you were exposed.?

a.??????Monoclonal antibodies reduce illness severity and hospitalization rates. These are available at both hospitals and we will have them very soon at WellMax for members.

b.??????We now have other drugs that reduce illness by 30%, and other medications, even more effective, are soon to be released. We didn’t have those in 2020, so use them if you get infected.


9.??????Be cautious with travel. Omicron is spreading fast. Even if you’re only mildly ill, you could be forced to “quarantine” or not be allowed to cross borders if you test positive.


Members, we have you covered:

·????????We have monoclonal antibodies or we can get them fast.

·????????There are now proven available prescription medications (e.g. Fluvoxamine) that can help treat Covid.

·????????We have all three vaccines in our clinic: Pfizer, Moderna and J+J.

·????????You have the option to get a blood test at WellMax to see how many Covid antibodies you have (which may be important if you had vaccine reactions or you suspect you got Covid and shouldn’t get a booster, and other reasons).

·????????We have pulse oximeters, but you can buy one online or at most drug stores. GET ONE, so if you or a loved one become ill, you can make certain that you don’t have low oxygen (patients don’t always feel it).

·????????We have vitamins that strengthen your immune response, but these can also be found at drug stores (Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, and there are others like quercetin that may be effective).


Note: we are sending out this information for everyone, but specific treatments are only available to WellMax members. We are not accepting new patients.?


Daniel Cosgrove, MD