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An Update from us on COVID-19 04.10.2020


This blog post was sent out as email blast to WellMax members, patients of Dr Doriana Cosgrove, and some others:

WellMax Members: We have you covered!

The coronavirus epidemic is currently worsening and is expected to reach its peak in terms of the increase in cases everyday later this month, but there has been doubling of cases every few days locally and in Riverside County. As you know, social isolation is now being enforced with all the golf courses closed and all restaurants closed and all social gatherings canceled.

WellMax Member benefits:

  • We have N95 masks at no charge to you. I found some N95 masks out of state, and I got the last of their stock.
  • The CDC recommends the “N95” mask which is effective in filtering out particles. They have been specifically recommending these masks for years to prevent airborne infection.
  • Dr Doriana and others were making home made masks, and these are better than none, but N95 masks are certified, and more reliable, and now we have plenty.
  • We have gloves for you.
  • We have vitamins, including lots of Vitamin D and zinc. Take these daily with your other multivitamins. There is evidence that zinc may block viral replication so it can help prevent disease and minimize the impact.
  • We have many other medications in stock here at our office.
  • We have hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Zithromax. Virtually all pharmacies are out of HCQ. They have provided it to thousands in New York. If you get sick, we’ll give it to you.
  • Covid testing. We have the swabs. We were both just tested this week: negative! Dr Doriana and Dr Dan are staying safe and available to you without the risk of an ER or crowds.
  • Covid antibody testing. We are obtaining rapid test kits for IgG and IgM antibodies. We will make this test available to all members.* (read below why we want you to be tested for antibodies, not just PCR nasal test, even if you have no symptoms).
  • We have a Mayo Clinic account and they have indicated they will accept Covid antibody tests very soon (as an alternative if we don’t have the rapid kits). We have a Quest account and we can draw blood or do the PCR nasal swab. Quest lab draw sites do not provide Covid testing. We do.
  • We are open M-F and we’re keeping our mobile phones with us. You also have emails: Dan@www.51ggsddu.com and Jennifer@www.51ggsddu.com.
  • Dr Dan is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr Doriana is residency trained in anesthesiology. Both of us have practiced medicine in these specialties for well over ten years before opening our clinic.
  • Hospital emergency departments are flooded and many physician offices and services have closed temporarily during this epidemic. Not us!We have a clean, quiet, private clinic. We wipe down surfaces several times per day. We have special air filters to minimize particles in the air. It is much safer to come see us than to go to the ER or medical offices with lots of patients. We have masks, gowns, face masks and gloves so that we can safely see patients as needed.
  • We can talk by telephone or meet by zoom so we see each other by webcam. Appointments are “same day.”


WellMax is a private clinic with a membership program that is normally not marketed for new members, but today we want to offer an emergency short-term membership for the rest of the season (60 days) for $900. (Normal annual memberships are $5000 annually).

About half of our patients are Canadians and most of those patients have already gone home just before they closed the border so we have the resources to care for more people.

If you are a member we are here for you and have virtually everything you need. If you know someone who is concerned that they have limited access to healthcare facilities, and would like to access all of the resources listed above for our members, we are offering this short-term membership during the epidemic.

Be safe. Call us if we can help.

*Antibody testing and why we need that for everyone.

A recent study in Iceland discovered that 50% of those who have tested positive for the virus did not have any symptoms. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/01/europe/iceland-testing-coronavirus-intl/index.html Because of a shortage of tests and to maintain some efficiency of the healthcare system, most patients here are not tested unless they have fever or symptoms, but this may lead to the conclusion that the case mortality ratio, i.e., how many people die among those who are positive – is much higher than it actually is. The good news here is that many patients may have had mild flu symptoms (or no symptoms) and actually now carry antibodies to the coronavirus and are much safer than they thought. On the other hand a 25-year-old pharmacy technician was found dead in his home earlier this month in La Quinta after he was sent home to isolate after being discovered to have the Corona virus. So, there is a big spread or continuum of how sick a person might get when infected with the virus. Let’s find out who is already immune, and get back to work (or golf!).


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