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    1. ABOUT US

      WellMax maximizes wellness with early detection of disease long before symptoms are present.

      We provide a methodical approach to an individual’s healthcare.


      Founder and Medical Director

      Dr. Cosgrove is the Founder and has served as the Medical Director of WellMax since 1998. “We consider that our patients may require a more personalized approach to their healthcare, especially for those busy individuals constantly on the go. We answer by offering the finest healthcare services that include executive physicals, concierge medicine, and Covid related issues.”

      Dr. Cosgrove earned a psychobiology degree from UCLA and received an M.D. from Washington University in St. Louis. He then trained in Internal Medicine at University of Utah Medical Center. He was an ER attending at DRMC for many years before opening WellMax in 1998. He is currently board certified in both internal medicine and emergency medicine.

      For more information on Dr. Cosgrove’s credentials, feel free to take a look at his CV:

      Office and Clinical Staff


      Physician Assistant, Certified

      Mrs. St. John is a Certified Physician Assistant. Mary received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry from the prestigious Wake Forest University. She then received her Master of Medical Science also from Wake Forest University, graduating with distinction. She is now a practicing licensed healthcare provider.

      She has years of primary care experience treating patients with a variety of acute and chronic illnesses. She has also worked as a physician assistant specialist in neurology. Mary hopes to forge long-term patient-provider relationships through their trust with her stellar skill sets for patient care.


      Registered Nurse, Administrator

      Jennifer has worked at WellMax for over eighteen years. She is a licensed registered nurse. She is originally from Beaverton, Oregon. She manages all aspects of patient care. She is meticulous and almost obsessively committed to providing the highest quality of personalized care. She is usually the first one here and the last to leave. She ensures that all follow-up care plans are completed and makes certain that your Personal Health Portfolio? is “buttoned up.”

      Jennifer also does lots of hands-on patient care. She performs the DEXA bone density and body composition studies, draws labs, administers cognitive tests, and manages polysomnography and many other tests.


      Medical Assistant, Patient Wellness Advocate

      We found Diane teaching students how to provide quality medical care to patients. She was an outstanding instructor for over ten years and worked in medical offices for many years prior to that. She is a licensed medical assistant and is working on receiving her nursing degree. She has true expertise in hands-on patient care, including how to draw blood, handle specimens, work in the lab, do ECGs, and makes the experience for the patient as smooth and pleasant as possible. Like many instructors, she is a stickler for details, so when it comes to coordinating medical care for our patients, she is a valuable addition to the healthcare team. She has natural genius in math, so we let her create spreadsheets, query genetic databases, and optimize the WellMax Personal Health Portfolio? for each patient.

      Diane is a girl scout troop leader and is frequently off on weekend adventures with the troop, that includes her two daughters. She also volunteers with her sons’ marching band and sports.


      Medical Assistant

      Angelica is our newest team member. She was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. She graduated from the Medical Assistant Program at Milan Institute over 10 years ago. She has worked as a medical assistant in multiple specialties since then. Since joining our team, it became quite apparent that she is extremely efficient, personable, and gets the job done well. She is proficient with ordering and drawing labs, performing ECGs, taking vitals, obtaining medical records, assisting patients with scheduling appointment, and much more.

      She also has experience with running a business and customer service, but her passion is the medical field. She is very family oriented and engaged to her wonderful fiance?.


      Ultrasound Technician

      Charlotte has been a full-time ultrasound technician for over twenty years. She has worked for over ten years at Desert Regional Medical Center, obtaining excellent images for gynecology, cardiology, vascular and other specialties. She has completed a Bachelor of Science in Oregon, but her ongoing meticulous approach has led her to complete further training in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Echocardiography.

      She has an easy-going, gentle manner and is always smiling. She has become an integral part of the “family” at WellMax.

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